10 good reasons to trust an eco-label

Ecogarantie, the strictest ecolabel on the European market…

Nowadays, more and more people want to buy eco products for sustainability and health reasons. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for a consumer to know if a product is environmentally friendly or not. To help the consumer, labels, such as Ecogarantie, have been developed. Ecogarantie is a Belgian ecolabel for organic and ecological cosmetics, detergents, air fresheners and sea salt.

Preventing greenwashing

As already said, more and more people buy eco products. To sell more, some brands don’t hesitate to mention that their products are green or put a green leaf on their packaging while their products are not environmentally friendly. That’s what is called greenwashing. Because of this, you, as consumer, are then misled. You think you are buying an ecological product while in fact you are not. How can you know that you are not buying a fake green product? By trusting eco-labelled products.


The Ecogarantie label is an eco-label created in Belgium and owned by the professional association Probila-Unitrab. Why can you trust this eco-label and eco-labelled products? Because its executive committee defined very strict specifications that a product must fulfil to get eco-labelled. Only the products that comply with these specifications can receive the ecolabel.

Third-party certification

To get eco-labelled, a product must be certified by an independent accredited certification body itself. Three certifications bodies (Certisys, TÜV Nord Integra and Quality Partner) can determine if a product complies with the Ecogarantie standards. Once the eco label is granted, the certification body will inspect the user once a year to check that the products still fulfil the specifications. If it is no longer the case, the eco-label must be removed.

100% organic

A labelled product must only contain ingredients from the organic agriculture unless it can be proved that they are not available. The product must be 100% organic before obtaining the Ecogarantie label. So, it’s not just an eco-label, but an organic label as well.
Non animal tests on the final product
The ecolabel guarantees that the product was not tested on animals to respect the law. In Europe, cosmetic tests on animals have been forbidden on animals since 2013.

Minimal impact on the environment

Eco-labelled products also mean that their ecological footprint, from design to end of life or recycling (waste), is the lowest possible. Companies are encouraged to use recyclable or reusable packaging. Moreover, low water and energy consumption are recommended.


To receive the eco label, a company must be able to prove that it meets the legal regulations in its field of production and ensure a good traceability.

No dangerous products

Petrochemical products, toxic components, chemical components and parabens are forbidden. Besides, no GMOs are allowed in eco-labelled products.


The following information must be mentioned on the packaging next to the ecolabel:

  • The complete list of ingredients;
  • A reference to the organic agriculture;
  • The name of the certification body.

Human rights must be respected

Basic human rights should be respected by the companies who want their products to be eco-labelled.

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