5 good resolutions to make starting now: 2nd edition

Happy New Year 2023! Last year we presented our 5 good resolutions for the year 2022. And we want to keep the momentum going by offering you a second edition. In this article, you will find resolutions that will benefit you, our beautiful planet and your wallet. As we saw in a previous article, every little thing counts! So, are you ready to make some useful resolutions?

Save energy 

This is the year to save energy. As you know, in the current climate, energy prices have soared. So to ease your wallet but also to think about the planet, we can’t tell you enough: it’s time to make savings! Among the simple things you can do is to turn down your heating by one or two degrees. It seems trivial, but it’s a small gesture that can make a difference. 

Also think about turning off your power strips and unplugging all your appliances that consume energy without your knowledge. 

Finally, one last piece of advice: don’t hesitate to turn off your heating at night and only heat the important rooms where you are most present. 

Don’t forget that plaids can also save you when you heat less!


Don’t forget your unused items 

Admit it, we know you have unused items in the back of your wardrobe… Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are more items lying around than you might think and we tend to forget about them. So what can you do with them? If they are still in good condition, you can sell them. Instead of leaving them lying around, why not try to earn some money?  It is becoming easier and easier to resell an item thanks to the many resale apps. 

If they are in bad shape or broken, you can always try to repair them. And guess what? In France, financial aid should be proposed to encourage people to go and repair their objects. It’s called the “bonus réparation”, and it’s explained on the website of the Ministry of Energy Transition. 

And if it is no longer possible to make something out of it, you can always try upcycling it. Upcycling is a technique that allows you to revalue an object instead of throwing it away. We explain everything in this Instagram post if you want to know more. 


Sort out your emails 

Sorting out means sorting out in your cupboards, but also on your screens. Yes, according to ADEME, the French agency for ecological transition, the carbon cost of an email with a 1 MB attachment is 19 grams of CO2.  Storing an email for a year emits 10 grams of CO2, the equivalent of lighting a light bulb for 3 hours. Yes, digital pollution is real and it is even worrying. To fight against it, we invite you to sort out your emails regularly. You can start by emptying your spam, your recycle bin and also unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t read. Because we know that very few people actually read them or even just open them… 

When you want to send large files, prefer tools like wetransfer rather than attaching them. Once you have sorted out your inbox, it is advisable to clean it regularly to avoid having to spend too much time on it next time. 


Switch to natural cosmetics 

Do you know about natural cosmetics? Why are we talking to you about it as a good resolution? Simply because natural cosmetics are good for you, your health and for the planet too! Traditional cosmetics are full of chemical ingredients that are not necessarily recommended. In addition to being harmful to you and your skin, don’t forget that the liquids eventually leach into the marine environment and are toxic to the ecosystem. You won’t encounter this problem with natural cosmetics, and even less so with cosmetics with the Ecogarantie label. In terms of packaging, there is also an ecological effort, unlike traditional cosmetics where the packaging is not necessarily recyclable or recycled. 

The best thing to do is to opt for labelled cosmetics, which are safe and have no negative impact on your health or on the environment. 

You can start little by little, starting with hygiene essentials. Then, if you wish or have the possibility, you can transform your bathroom into a real ecological bathroom! 


Reduce your waste 

The basics, you might ask? Not necessarily. Reducing waste is not something that is easy for everyone. In the retail sector, we are constantly confronted with tons of packaging, which is very often unnecessary. At home, we don’t necessarily think about making an effort. 

One simple way to combat this is to bring your own reusable bags. Plastic bags often end up in the environment and, as you can imagine, they also pollute a lot. 

Let’s talk about paper sheets. It’s the same thing, there are still people who print and use a lot of paper. You have to try to limit your printing, especially if it is not necessarily useful. As far as food is concerned, buying in bulk is one of the solutions to fight against over-packaging. You can bring your own containers and store your food in pretty jars. A green and decorative tip at the same time! 

We’ve given you our 5 green resolutions for this year 2023. These are not just any resolutions, they are small gestures that can greatly help the planet. These are what we call smart resolutions. But we would like to remind you that everyone should go at their own pace. The main thing is to try to do your best and make some efforts for the planet. Some people are more advanced in their ecological lifestyle, others are just starting out, and this is normal. If you want to take a look at our first edition and discover our 2022 resolutions, it’s here.

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