5 must-have natural cosmetics for this summer

Summer is coming! It comes with sun, holidays and relaxation. We love these moments but don’t forget that the sun doesn’t only have positive effects. It has a destructive effect on the skin and could cause serious problems in the long term. That’s why we decided to share with you our 5 natural cosmetics to protect and pamper yourself this summer. 

When summer comes, we just want to enjoy it as much as possible. But first, it’s important to prepare your skin for it. Your skin must be fully moisturized in order not to be weakened too fast.

It can never be said enough but you have to protect yourself before sun exposure. In this article, we won’t talk about sunscreen because we want you to discover new products. But above all, don’t forget, sunscreen is the first must-have!

As an ecolabel, we collaborate on a daily basis with brands that work towards a better world by offering products with an ideal composition. Ecological and organic, those products are eco labelled Ecogarantie and will allow you to enjoy your summer. Let’s discover the 5 natural cosmetics to bring with you on holidays! 

1. Maintain your dyeing and protect your hair with Helios’émoi shampoo from Vegetal’emoi

It’s necessary to protect your skin, but also your hair. In addition to the sun, salt, chlorine and wind will damage your hair. They dehydrate and weaken hair. If your hair is dyed, it will be more sensitive to UV rays.

To help you keep it in good health during all the season, it’s essential to use appropriate solar hair care. The Helios’emoi shampoo from Vegetal’emoi maintains your dyeing and allows you to moisturize and protect your hair. Made from soapnuts (real natural detergents), it contains coconut, ylang-ylang flower and sugar.

To complete the shampoo and benefit from an intense moisturizing, you can also use the spray and mask of the same brand. All Vegetal’emoi products are organic and certified! 

2. Moisturize your skin with ylang-ylang body butter from Ohloulou

It’s important to moisturize your body (and keep it hydrated too) all year long and even more during the summer! Before all sun exposure and before sunscreen, it’s recommended to put a body butter to prepare it for UV rays and to moisturize it.

After exposure, the skin is weakened and dehydrated and it craves nourishing. The body butter from Ohloulou fulfils its part perfectly. Besides, you will be transported to new horizons with its nice perfume.

Ohloulou is a Belgian family company that will seduce you with its flowery and coloured packaging that remind of the summer. Their natural cosmetics perfumes have calming properties for the body and the mind. 

3. Nourish deeply with the coconut oil from Physalis

In addition to your body butter, you can apply a vegetable oil on your skin. You have to pay more attention to your skin when it’s exposed to the sun and vegetable oils can be applied in addition, in the evening before going to bed for example.

The coconut oil from Physalis allows you to nourish and protect yourself. It can be used on the body, on the hair and on the face. It’s multipurpose: very useful while travelling! You will be able to take care of your body, your face and your hair thanks to only one product.

Physalis belongs to KeyPharm laboratories, which invest a lot daily in scientific research in order to develop sustainable and high-quality products. 

4. Cool off with the rose hydrolat from Saabou

Real fresh care, the rose hydrolat from Saabou will bring you a cool and peaceful moment. Nothing better in the summer! Lounge and enjoy the antioxidant and anti-age properties of this rose hydrolat.

It will allow you to soothe your skin while unifying your complexion. It’s perfect for skins prone to red patches or damaged ones. Besides, you can use it to refine your makeup removal and we love that!

It’s thanks to her different trips that the founder of Saabou realised that you can find the best in nature. She then created her own natural cosmetics brand in 2016. 

5. Repel mosquitoes with the body spray from Pranarom

We love summer, mosquitoes not so much. Admit it, they annoy you too? We all experienced this situation in which a mosquito prevented us from falling asleep. We have the solution!

The body spray anti-mosquito from Pranarom is a real repellent that will protect your skin from European and tropical mosquito bites. Enriched with essential oils and 100% organic, you can trust it! It doesn’t dry the skin so it can be applied to the whole body and the face.

Pranarom is one of the leaders in the aromatherapy and natural well-being world. You will find a wide range of products if you want to complete your eco-friendly routine.

Our 5 natural cosmetics are here to save your summer! They will moisturize and protect your skin and hair. You can trust them because they have an ideal composition and are certified Ecogarantie. Quick, pack your bags! 

If you want to discover other products or complete this routine, you can discover our products page.  

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