5 New Year’s resolutions that you’ll finally keep

Two weeks into January and some of you may already have failed to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one because 95% of us fail to keep them. It’s usually the same ones every year “do more sport”, “eat healthier”, “save money” or “stop smoking”. The problem is that even with the best intentions, we only keep them a few days or weeks because we tend to set the bar too high. The solution would be to set simple and smaller goals on a short-term vision.

Here are 5 good resolutions that will be easy to keep:

Take some time for yourself

Once a day or even once a week, try to enjoy some one-to-one time with yourself. Read a book, watch your favorite tv show, take a nice warm bath or diffuse some essential oils to relax. After that you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world.

Walk whenever you can

You don’t have to set high sports goals that will be difficult to achieve and that you’ll abandon after a few weeks. Walking is ideal to get fit without even noticing you’re doing some sport. Try to go on a walk, take the stairs as much as possible or go to the bakery by foot. That will allow you to get some fresh air, recharge your batteries and do some sport too.

Bring your own lunch

That needs a little organizing at first but bringing your own lunch box has a lot of advantages. It allows you to choose your ingredients and eat healthier but also to use less plastic by using glass boxes, bee’s wraps or other ecological containers. By doing this you’ll do good to your body but also to the planet!

Use reusable bags

Plastic bags are slowly banished from our stores and replaced by reusable bags.
The problem is that we usually put them into drawers and forget to bring them when we do our groceries. To avoid that, simply put one in your car and one in your purse so you always have a reusable bag at your disposal. This is a simple, economic and ecofriendly resolution that will only take you a few minutes to do.

Do a digital detox

Like a lot of us you certainly use your smartphone to regularly check your social media, use it as an alarm, agenda or as a gps. It’s difficult nowadays to imagine a life without it. Sure, we know that we spend too much time on it, that waves or blue light are dangerous or that it sometimes makes us antisocial. We usually say that this year we will try to less use it, to disconnect ourselves and try to enjoy the moment but we quickly go back to our bad habits. To make sure this year’s resolution will be different, try to start by switching of your phone by night, leave it in your purse when at the restaurant or create a “phone box” to put it in as soon as you get home. These small actions will slowly help you detach from your phone and enjoy the moment.

Not that difficult to keep these resolutions, right?
5 small actions that don’t need too much effort and that will bring you instant satisfaction. The solution to finally keeping your New Year’s resolutions!

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