5 New Year’s resolutions to make starting now

You often make resolutions and you give up on them pretty fast? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one because 95% of us fail too. It’s usually the same resolutions every year: “exercise more”, “eat healthier”, “save money” or “stop smoking”. The problem is that even with the best intentions, they are difficult to keep. Why not focus on smaller goals? Why not think about the environment? It’s possible to do both. Five good resolutions for you and the planet: here we go!

Go cycling or walking when it’s possible

We all know that pollution is a real issue nowadays. But everybody can do something to act! Instead of taking your car, why not walk? You’re too far from your work, why not cycle? You’re very very far, why not use public transports? With willingness, you can change your habits. In addition to preserving the planet, it’s a good resolution for you. Walking is very good for the health and the mind. It’s the same for cycling, you’ll exercise without realizing it.
We think it’s a small goal not difficult to achieve and that it will allow you to stay in shape while taking care of the planet.

Bring your own lunch

That needs a little organization at first but bringing your lunch box has a lot of advantages. It allows you to choose your ingredients, to choose what you really want to eat and to eat healthier. You’ll also use less plastic thanks to glass boxes, bee’s wraps or other ecological containers. The other advantage is that you’ll save money since you’ll not pay to buy food every day during the lunch break. By doing that, the planet, your body and your wallet will be thankful!

Think about reusable bags

Plastic bags are slowly banished from our stores, but it’s not the case everywhere! Some shops still distribute plastic bags or bags with other materials. It’s not so bad if those bags are in another material but they still create waste. Because even if you reuse them, at a moment they will fall into disrepair and you’ll stop using them.
So we think reusable bags like tote bags are good alternatives. But, the problem is that we usually put them into drawers and we forget to bring them with us when we go shopping. To avoid that, you can put one reusable bag in your car for example or your purse.
This is a simple, economic and eco-friendly resolution that only takes a few minutes to think of. It’s time to say goodbye to plastic and single-use bags!

Be careful with your consumption

When we say ”consumption”, we could talk about different ways of consumption. The one in your house, with the heating, electronic devices… But also your way of consuming when you’re buying something. And guess what? We have solutions for both of them!
For your house, we advise you to adopt some little actions that can make a change for the environment but also for your wallet. We’ve published an Instagram post about energy consumption and how to be careful with that if you want to take a look at it. You can also be careful with your water consumption: favour showers instead of baths, turn off the water tap when you brush your teeth, don’t flush the toilets too often…
Regarding your purchases, you can try little by little to adopt new habits. Buying in bulk, buying less, buying organic for example. You can also pay attention to eco labels on the products because you’ll be sure that it will not harm you and the planet. You do not trust any labels? You always think about greenwashing first? We wrote an article to help you find your way!

Take a digital break

You can’t imagine your life without your smartphone? You use it daily to go on social media, to organize your week or to listen to music? We understand, we’re doing the same! But think about that for just one second. We are living in a world that is polluted both by the outside and the inside. Do you know about digital pollution? From production to the use, electronic devices are polluting the planet. With all our storage and our emails, we are always polluting too, without necessarily knowing it. So your resolution could be: why not take a break? We know it’s difficult but it can be good for the planet and your smartphone.
Making a digital detox could also help you and your relatives to feel better. Imagine, you are at a party or a restaurant, and you’re always on your phone. It’s not pleasant for anybody. Believe us, if you draw away from your phone, you’ll take time for yourself and you’ll enjoy the present time. For example, you can adopt a weekly routine with moments to disconnect!

In the end, we presented five resolutions that are small actions, they don’t need so much effort. We think they are great alternatives because you can go at your own pace and you can easily respect it. Besides, we thought it was interesting to share goals that are good for you but also for the planet. This year, you’ll not think about the mark you leave on the environment and on future generations. Happy New Year 2022, we wish you the best!


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