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What are the advantages of an ecological label?

Nowadays, you see products bearing an ecological label everywhere. You can even find a lot of different ecolabels on the market. Wondering what are the advantages of these green logos? Let’s see that together. 

Ecological label means ecology

You bet it: a trustworthy ecolabel proves that a product is ecological. But in what way exactly? In fact, not every label has the same requirements regarding the products’ environmental impact. The term “ecology” is quite broad and one label can be stricter than another.

In general, an ecological label guarantees that a product does not contain harmful ingredients. Toxic substances can be bad for the environment and for your health. A good ecolabel normally forbids the use of dangerous ingredients. Moreover, eco-labelled products are often biodegradable. But as you can imagine, ecological standards go beyond the product itself. Therefore, packagings are nor superfluous and should consist of reusable or recycled materials. Another common example is the production cycle: an ecolabel requires a good waste management, low energy consumption and reasonable transport. In the end, a lot of ecolabels guarantee an average protection of the environment.

Ecological label can also mean more

But you know what? Some ecolabels go further and are truly committed to making the world a better place. In addition to caring for the environment, some ecolabels impose strict standards in other important areas. This is the case of Ecogarantie for instance! Our label commits to nature and makes sure certified brands offer true eco-friendly products. But we don’t stop there. We also value people and animals. Therefore, we require that all ingredients of vegetable origin are 100% organic and that human rights are respected within companies and with stakeholders. Finally, our certified members do not carry out tests on animals, as the European law states. What more can you ask for?

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