A solution to air pollution? Certified cosmetic products!

Currently, air pollution is on the rise and this affects our health at different levels. Yet, most conventional cosmetic products cause air pollution. And this in two different ways: at the production level and at the application time of the product. To avoid generating this unnecessary pollution, choose certified cosmetic products bearing zero waste ecolabels.

How the manufacture of cosmetics causes air pollution

First of all, the manufacture of cosmetics generates a significant CO² emission. Where does this CO² production come from? Mainly in the petrochemical and mineral oil industry. Indeed, before petroleum can be used as a cosmetic ingredient, it must first be extracted, transported and refined. And all this, as you know, generates CO² and therefore pollutes the air.

Some cosmetic products pollute the air while on your skin

In addition to the air pollution caused by the production of cosmetics, did you know that by wearing industrial cosmetics, you also pollute the air? In 2018, the University of Colorado Boulder investigated the evaporation of some cosmetic ingredients and their impact on the environment. Their study shows that VOCs such as siloxane, also known as decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, evaporate very easily when on the skin or hair. And once dispersed in the air, they form ozone. You surely already know that polluted air is dangerous for people’s health. In addition, air pollution also causes severe damage to the skin. It accelerates its ageing, reduces its hydration and increases sebum production. And, as you know, these factors mean that your skin is weakened and prone to acne.

Air pollution is not the only consequence of conventional cosmetics

It is important to note that this article refers only to air pollution and not to pollution of land or water. Water pollution due to cosmetics can be caused by the residues of the hygiene products we rinse, such as soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, sun creams, etc. When they are not biodegradable, they have disastrous consequences on aquatic fauna and flora.

How can certified cosmetic products with zero waste ecolabels solve this problem?

The zero waste ecolabels control the production of the certified cosmetic products and ensure that they emit the minimum possible CO². How? By checking that they do not contain ingredients from the petrochemical industry. These zero waste labels also ensure that ingredients come from local suppliers whenever possible and that manufacturing processes use a minimum of energy and resources. Then, these zero waste ecolabels also prohibit VOCs as ingredients. Your certified cosmetic products with zero waste ecolabels will therefore not pollute the air by evaporating.

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