Animal testing: the truth about cruelty free labels used on cosmetics

Animal testing on cosmetics is prohibited by the European legislation. However, it is against the law to state that a cosmetic brand doesn’t carry out such tests or uses a cruelty free label. Why is that?

Writing “no animal testing” on cosmetic products is illegal

You may already know it: animal testing can be a cruel type of experiment. Nowadays, plenty of animal-friendly alternatives exist. At Ecogarantie, we value every living being. Therefore, we make sure that our brands’ eco-labelled products completely respect what the European law dictates. But why is it wrong to say it?

Actually, if a cosmetic brand claims it doesn’t carry out tests on animals, it conveys the idea that some products are better than others. But in the end, these companies only comply with the legal requirements, just like every cosmetic producer does. All European cosmetic brands should respect the European law. They should all ban animal testing from their experiments. Such allegations can thus make you believe you should favour a brand over another. This is not fair, and this is illegal to imply that some brands do not comply with the law. If a brand wants to say that no animal testing was carried out, they have to mention that they follow the rules.

Why Ecogarantie respects the law on animal testing

Like you, we want to protect nature. By extension, we also do everything we can to keep animals safe. Animal testing is not a method our labelled brands use on raw materials nor on finished products, as the legislation specifies. But our members also have to respect the Ecogarantie requirements. For instance, we forbid the use of some toxic ingredients such as petrochemicals, volatile organic components or halogens. As a result, such substances do not pollute nature or harm wildlife and the ecosystem. We believe in a world where humans, animals and nature can live together in harmony. Our labelled brands do. Do you?

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