Aromatherapy: the benefits of ecolabelled essential oils

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.” In other words, aromatherapy is another way to do some good to your body and mind. So, let’s explore the way you can use ecolabelled essential oils and what benefits they can have on your health. 

Aromatherapy: an old practice brought up to date

The use of essential oils is definitely not new because their benefits have been know for centuries, even millennia. Actually, they were already part of medical routines in ancient times. The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Chinese, … all the more people who believed in the power of plants. Whether it was to treat illnesses, perfume the body or enhance the mood, they all understood the benefits of essential oils. The scope of their application is indeed quite wide: health, beauty and wellbeing.

Today, aromatherapy has become an attractive alternative to conventional medicine. More and more people would like to reconnect with nature and take care of their health in a healthier way. By using more natural methods, they intend to avoid harmful side effects that conventional medication can sometimes cause. Some of them consult experts who have been trained to practice aromatherapy. Others try to discover this alternative medicine’s benefits on their own using books and online resources.

How to use essential oils on a daily basis

Essential oils are natural and pure plants extracts. But they are also very strong and concentrated. Therefore, everybody should be careful and always consult a doctor before using them, whether in external or internal use. Some essential oils can be ingested. But it’s important you ask your doctor’s advice before using them this way. But for now, let’s focus on the external ways you can make the most of essential oils’ properties.

Probably the most popular way to apply essential oils is in massage. You can blend a few drops in a carrier oil (like almond oil for example) and apply it on your body. You can also use them in a bath by adding just a few drops in hot water. All you have to do is mix well, submerge yourself, and enjoy all their olfactive properties. A third option is to inhale them. Why not trying to add some drops in steaming water to benefit from their healing properties? Another way to use essential oils in aromatherapy is to mix them with some cream, oil or shampoo. They are indeed very effective in cosmetics and can be true beauty allies. And finally, you can use compresses soaked in hot water and a few drops or essential oils.

Note that each essential oil has its own specific purposes. Always make sure you know the effects of the product you are using.

What about ecolabelled essential oils?

Whatever way you decide to use them, make sure to choose ecolabelled essential oils. Ecolabels will ensure they are pure and completely natural. Indeed, synthetic perfumes, colorants and other chemical substances are not part of our products’ composition. Ecogarantie certified essential oils are also 100% organic and are not derived from protected species. Finally, the production processes must respect the naturally active substances of the plant.

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