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Is solid shampoo an ally?

Solid shampoo is a real trend. It's known to be more ecologic and more economic. But is it really the...

Top 5 natural cosmetics to take with you on holiday

When summer arrives, our skin can be more sensitive and fragile. Between the sea, sand, salt and chlorine, our skin...

Organic cosmetics label

Do you know organic cosmetics label ? We explain you who they are, how they work and why they are...

Why should you use an organic cream to moisturise your skin?

We all use creams on a daily basis, without necessarily knowing why or which ones to choose. But what you...

animal testing

Animal tests are forbidden in the European Union. But is it really respected? You want to know more about that?...

sunscreen on woman's body shape of sun facing the sea

When did it get so complicated to choose a good sunscreen? The outcome of this article offers a real guide...

Empty hygiene products and cosmetics to recycle

How to recycle in the bathroom? Where to put our finished products? And what about the ones we don't use...

sunglasses and products for summer

Summer is coming! Let's discover our 5 must-have natural cosmetics for this summer.

vegetable oils

Essential and vegetable oils, how to choose? We help you to find one's way!

chimiste en train de prélever une substance pour fabriquer des cosmétiques

Careful! The octocrylene is a threat to your health and the environment.

Des ingrédients de soin pour les cheveux : poudre de henné, de curcuma et de neem.

Natural hair dye VS chemical one: discover the natural hair dye and henna benefits.

main avec crème en forme de coeur. routine anti déprime hivernale avec produits écolabellisés

Discover our 5 steps self-care routine to avoid the post-summer blues with eco labelled products from Ecogarantie!