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5 must-have natural cosmetics for this summer

Summer is coming! Let's discover our 5 must-have natural cosmetics for this summer.

Vegetable and essential oils : find the one that suits you best

Essential and vegetable oils, how to choose? We help you to find one's way!

chimiste en train de prélever une substance pour fabriquer des cosmétiques

Careful! The octocrylene is a threat to your health and the environment.

femme choisissant entre deux produits éco labellisés, comparant les prix

You think eco labelled products are not affordable? Think again!

Des ingrédients de soin pour les cheveux : poudre de henné, de curcuma et de neem.

Natural hair dye VS chemical one: discover the natural hair dye and henna benefits.

produits issus de labels écologiques posés sur des étagères dans un magasin

Being green is not that easy! Here are the keys to shop in a more sustainable way.

main avec crème en forme de coeur. routine anti déprime hivernale avec produits écolabellisés

Discover our 5 steps self-care routine to avoid the post-summer blues with eco labelled products from Ecogarantie!

How to recycle your cosmetics and self-care products

What to do with all the cosmetics and self-care products lying around in your bathroom ? Reuse, recycle or throw away, we tell you what to do!

A solution to air pollution? Certified cosmetic products!

Choose certified cosmetic products to ensure you do not contribute to air pollution. Zero waste ecolabels will help you to make the best choices!

Why choosing an ecological body scrub with a reliable ecolabel?

Using an ecological body scrub with a reliable ecolabel will make your skin smooth and healthy. So, choose organic skin products!

The secret to a sparkling smile? A toothpaste with an organic label!

Choose a toothpaste with an organic label to protect your smile and the environment!

The best hair care routine: natural hair products

You want to take care of your hair without harming the environment? Learn more about the benefits of natural hair products with an organic quality label.