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Tea tree essential oil: what are its benefits?

Ever heard of tea tree oil? It's renowned for its many benefits for the skin, body and health. We always...

Synergies organic certified essential oils

Eco-friendly essential oils have a lot to offer. But do you know to use them in synergies?

vegetable oils

Essential and vegetable oils, how to choose? We help you to find one's way!

certified products

Ecolabelled ylang ylang essential oil is fantastic to make your hair shiny and give it a nice floral smell.

etherische oliën met eco label en aromatherapie

Certified organic essential oils can help you enjoy your summer. Let's discover how!

green future

Vegetable oils and organic essential oils are real assets to strengthen hair and to take care of scalps.

essential oils

Take care of your family by replacing chemical agents with pure essential oils with a quality eco label.

lavender essential oil

Learn why essential oils with a green label can help you freshen the rooms where you live.

huile essentielle de gingembre

Discover the ginger essential oil and learn how to use it.

etherische oliën met eco label en aromatherapie

What is aromatherapy and how can you use ecolabelled essential oils on a daily basis?

rozemarijn etherische olie

Discover the rosemary essential oils and learn how to use them.

lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil has wonderful properties. Here are some of its benefits and ways to use it.