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sunscreen on woman's body shape of sun facing the sea

When did it get so complicated to choose a good sunscreen? The outcome of this article offers a real guide that we hope will become your standard to avoid heatstrokes between shelves.

Spoon with microplastics cosmetics discovered in blood first time

Researchers in the Netherlands published a breakthrough study in Environment International, exposing a new method of analyzing blood to detect microplastics. Out of the 22 healthy volunteers, microplastic pollution has been detected in the blood of almost 80% of them. Risks for our health and ways to avoid microplastic will be investigated in this piece.

Deodorant natural Ecogarantie breast cancer

It is a pretty common gesture that could turn out to be truly dangerous. According to a study published in September in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the repeated use of antiperspirants could trigger breast cancer. Let’s decrypt it!

chimiste en train de prélever une substance pour fabriquer des cosmétiques

Careful! The octocrylene is a threat to your health and the environment.

The benefits of castor oil with an organic ecolabel

Certified castor oil takes care of your hair and eyelashes. Choose it with an organic ecolabel to enjoy the best of it.

The beauty uses of ecolabelled coconut oil 

Let's discover the benefits of the ideal natural cosmetic product: ecolabelled coconut oil.

What are the uses of pure cocoa butter?

Pure cocoa butter is the perfect ingredient for natural cosmetics. Let's discover why!

The virtues of natural shea butter

Natural shea butter has so much to offer. Find out why you should use eco-friendly cosmetics that contain shea butter.

The beauty properties of organic argan oil

Organic argan oil will take care of your skin and your hair. Let's discover more about its beauty properties!

The benefits of citrus fruits as beauty products

Citrus fruits make perfect ingredients for beauty products with a green ecolabel.

The virtues of green clay in natural beauty products

Green clay is a perfect ingredient for natural beauty products. Indeed, it has many skin and hair benefits.