The best of both worlds: organic and fairtrade eco-labelled products

Eating chocolate made from fairtrade cocoa or drinking fairtrade tea or coffee is very common. But what about using fairtrade cosmetics? There are now many certified brands that can help you make your choice and find the best fairtrade eco-labelled products.

Cosmetics can be organic and fairtrade

If you are interested in the ecological industry, you certainly already know many of the advantages of using organic products. But did you know that some certified brands also include a social aspect in their standards?

At Ecogarantie, we evaluate the impact of our products in all their aspects making them fairtrade eco-labelled products as well as organic products. To us, the human aspect is an essential criterion for any quality label. The presence of our logo ensures that the product does not support forced labour or modern slavery. Since cosmetics can be respectful of the environment and people, why limit yourself to only one of these aspects? Go for organic and fairtrade eco-labelled products! 

How to sort through all these certified brands

Not all certified brands care about the human aspect behind the production of their cosmetics. And it is sometimes difficult to spot them. They will focus on the ecological aspect of the product to convince you that it is perfect in every aspect. However, you will not be given any information about the work conditions of their employees or the farmers who harvest the ingredients used. And a lack of information can hide the exploitation of people in fields or factories. 

So, if you see certified brands, don’t stop there and assume that their products are beyond reproach. You still need to find out about the standards chosen by this brand. Thanks to Ecogarantie, you are sure to have both organic and fairtrade eco-labelled products.

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