The benefits of castor oil with an organic ecolabel

Castor oil has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years. Coming from a tropical plant, castor oil has many benefits for our hair and eyelashes. This is why it is often used as an organic hair product, either pure or mixed.

Castor oil as an organic hair product

Certified castor oil, thanks to its richness in fatty acids and vitamin E, is the ideal organic hair product for dull hair. It makes hair shinier, softer, denser and stimulates its growth. You can use it to make an oil bath once or twice a week. Since this oil has a very thick, even viscous consistency, it is better to mix it with other oils such as olive oil or argan oil. You can also add a few drops of essential oil of your choice according to the needs of your scalp and hair. Massage your scalp or leave it on for about 30 minutes and then shampoo. Feel free to do a second shampoo if you feel your hair is still oily. And that’s it, your hair will be healthy and resplendent and will now grow faster.

The other benefits of certified castor oil

Certified castor oil can also be used to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. As with hair, the application of castor oil to eyelashes and eyebrows is very beneficial. This will accelerate the growth and make them thicker and stronger. You will thus have a deer’s eye and fuller eyebrows. By using an old mascara brush to apply certified castor oil, you ensure that the product is perfectly well spread over the entire length of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Certified castor oil is therefore ideal for eyelashes and eyebrows and is also an organic hair product.

Why choosing it with an organic ecolabel?

By choosing a certified castor oil with an organic ecolabel, you ensure the quality of your organic hair product. Indeed, a castor oil with an organic ecolabel is manufactured in a clean way, affecting the environment as little as possible but also preserving all its benefits. Unlike non-labelled oils, it will not have been subjected to pesticide exposure and will not be processed. It will therefore retain all these fatty acids and a high content of vitamin E. So if you want to take care of your hair as well as possible, choose a quality castor oil with an organic ecolabel.

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