Why using certified make-up with a green biolabel?

The skin on the face is very thin, which is why you must take great care of it. If you apply inappropriate make-up every day, your skin may age more quickly. So, if you want to keep baby skin, use a certified make-up. So, let’s learn more about ecolabelled cosmetic products!

Make-up with a green biolabel do not contain harsh chemicals

As mentioned above, the skin on the face is very thin, which is why you must take great care of it. A certified make-up with a green biolabel contains only good ingredients. That is to say, the ingredients are of organic origin. Ecolabelled cosmetic products therefore do not contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for the skin and especially ingredients from the petrochemical industry. Petrochemicals are potentially unsafe for health and not biodegradable. And this means neither good for the skin nor good for the environment.

Then, even if you use ecolabelled cosmetic products, don’t forget to remove your make-up every day. An accumulation of cosmetics on your skin is never good. It can clog your pores or irritate your skin. And those are two things you don’t want if you want to avoid pimples and keep your peach skin.

Ecolabelled cosmetic products are eco-friendly

Since certified make-up with a green biolabel does not contain non-biodegradable ingredients such as petrochemicals, organic make-up is therefore much better for the environment. Indeed, when you remove your certified make-up, the leftover make-up will not affect the planet.

Using certified make-up with a green biolabel is therefore a twofold benefit. Choose for the health of your skin without having to give up ecology. When it comes to ecolabelled cosmetic products, the well-being of your skin goes hand in hand with the well-being of the planet. So, change your beauty routine and choose an eye shadow, foundation, and even lipstick with a green biolabel. 

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