The must-have essential oils for summer

Certified organic essential oils have many virtues for skin and hair. But did you know that some of them could help you fight the small inconveniences of summer? Here are some tips on certified organic essential oils to make your summer more enjoyable.

Peppermint ecolabelled essential oil to fight heat waves

In summer, heat waves are not always easy to tolerate. So here’s a little trick to lower the temperature by a few degrees. Take a bowl and fill it with fresh water, ice cubes and a few drops of peppermint ecolabelled essential oil. Then place it in front of a fan. The fan, by stirring the air, will make the freshness created by the ice cubes circulate and perfume your room with a soft refreshing scent.

Spike lavender to soothe the pain

Another must-have summer ecolabelled essential oil is spike lavender essential oil. Thanks to its linalool content, it anaesthetizes pain. In addition, it has healing properties. It is therefore highly recommended in case of sunburn or mosquito bites. It can be integrated into a cream or vegetable oil or applied directly to the skin. The other types of lavender essential oils will also do the trick, but it is the ecolabelled essential oil of spike lavender that will be the most effective. In addition, choose certified organic essential oils to ensure the quality of the product.

Certified organic essential oils to keep mosquitoes away

Concerning mosquito control, here are three certified organic essential oils that may be of interest to you. First of all, let’s talk about the rose geranium. It is effective against mosquitoes because it contains geraniol. And the geraniol is a molecule that has a repellent effect on mosquitoes. The second ecolabelled essential oil that may interest you is that of lemon eucalyptus. This ecolabelled essential oil contains citronellal, which is registered as an insect repellent. And this leads us to the most interesting essential oil: lemongrass. Why is it so interesting? Simply because it contains geraniol and citronellal. It therefore has two components that keep mosquitoes away.

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