Certified organic products: Why are they a better choice than organic products?

When you buy an organic product, you probably wonder to what extend the product is organic. The organic percentage isn’t probably mentioned. If the organic percentage is indicated, what is the remaining percentage? Some organic products can be tricky because they can contain a percentage of dangerous ingredients. Which organic product to trust then? How to be sure that the organic product you are buying is safe for your health? How to be sure that an organic product doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients? The answer to all these questions is: trust certified organic products.

What is organic labelling?

Organic labelling is the labelling of a product by putting an organic label on the product packaging. This label guarantees that the product is organic. To get labelled, a product must fulfil strict criteria and must be certified by a certification body. The product is then a certified organic product. 

Certified organic products don’t contain any dangerous ingredients

Certified organic labels are based on strict specifications that exclude the use of dangerous ingredients. To get labelled, a product mustn’t contain any dangerous ingredients. This must be certified by an external certification body that will check the list of ingredients. When you buy a product that claims to be organic without being certified, you are not sure that this product doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients. 

A certified organic label requires testing and audits

Organic labels are granted to an organic product if this product respects the specifications. This respect must be certified by certification bodies that control the product. Certification bodies must regularly re-assess the product to be sure that it still fulfils the specifications. If it is no longer the case, the product is no longer certified, and its certified organic label is removed. On the packaging, next to the organic label, the name of the certification body is mentioned.

A certified organic label is environmentally friendly

Organic labelling ensures that the product has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The ingredients were not farmed with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Pesticides and chemical products pollute soil and water. 

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