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Europäische Bio-Siegel: Sind sie wirklich vertrauenswürdig?

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie echte Bio-Produkte auswählen und Greenwashing vermeiden. Lernen Sie, europäische Bio-Siegel zu erkennen, wichtige Kriterien zu prüfen...


Do you know about ecolabels? You're probably familiar with the term, but maybe you don't understand it all. And that's...

Environmental claims AGEC law

Last February, the AGEC law was revised to add an article regarding the harmonisation and clarification of environmental claims. Explanations...


Do you know greenwashing? It's forbidden from this point forward!

produits issus de labels écologiques posés sur des étagères dans un magasin

Being green is not that easy! Here are the keys to shop in a more sustainable way.

products with a label

Here is why you should buy ecoproducts with a label rather than non eco-labelled products.

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Greenwashing is a marketing strategy which makes consumers believe a product is eco-friendly whereas it is not.

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Tests on animals are prohibited by European laws. However, it is not allowed to state that a brand does no...

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Ecogarantie products do not contain petrochemicals. They are carefullly and regularly controlled to ensure you that they do not contain...