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Eco-friendly alternatives for the bathroom
Wie man einfach zu Zero Waste übergeht?

Umfasse Zero Waste für einen gesünderen und wirtschaftlicheren Lebensstil.

Environmental transition - Sustainable solutions

Faced with the challenges of global warming, the environmental transition to carbon neutrality by 2050 is crucial. Explore the issues,...

Ecological Transition: Act for a Green Future

How to consume without harming the planet?


"Do more sport", "eat a more healthy" or "spend less" are resolutions that are often made. And the thing about...


Do you want to change your daily routine and have a greater impact on the environment? You can do it...

Environmental claims AGEC law

Last February, the AGEC law was revised to add an article regarding the harmonisation and clarification of environmental claims. Explanations...

AGEC law Triman logo

AGEC law is a French law passed in 2020 that aims to fight against waste and promote a circular economy...

Save energy

Happy New Year 2023 ! Ready for green and smart resolutions? Discover our article!


You think small actions do not have any real impact? Think again! Every action counts, and we'll show you how.

Greentalk article EN Transition Green Up

Discover the portrait of Margaux, creator of Transition Green and Community Manager. She shares with us her vision as a...

Ecological bedroom

Did you know that your bedroom might be polluted? Discover our tips to have an ecological and healthy bedroom.

Greentalk article EN Green up

Discover the portrait of Nina, who created the media Green Up. Nina is the perfect example of a young committed...