5 good reasons to choose an eco-labelled product

You think an eco-labelled product is just the same as a conventional one? You think ecolabels are not trustworthy or have little value? Well, let us prove otherwise and give you five good reasons to change your habits.

1/ Going green saves the planet

It’s no surprise: an ecological product is good for the environment. Eco-labelled goods allow you to make responsible choices because their production process has a minimal impact on the ecosystem. They help you reduce your waste, encourage you to reuse or recycle, and inspire you to make products of your own. Moreover, green products are often biodegradable and organic, which prevents them from harming nature.

2/ An eco-labelled product is strictly controlled

Products with an ecolabel are goods which you can really put your trust in. Control organisations work closely with labels to make sure certified products comply with strict standards. Actually, companies have to prove that they are committed to the environment. They have to collaborate with their controllers and let them analyse their products and production system.

3/ You invest in a better society

Putting your money in alternative products is a way to make important decisions. When you choose an organic shop instead of a supermarket, or when you opt for an organic detergent instead of a multinational, you express and assert yourself. When you share your values with your loved ones, you communicate about what truly matters to you. You encourage others to improve the world.

4/ You protect your health

Opting for more natural products is always beneficial to your wellbeing. Applying ecological creams or make-up on your face and using green products to clean your house allow you to face less threats. An eco-labelled product does not contain harmful ingredients. Therefore, you can avoid allergies, irritations or even more serious health issues.

5/ Choosing an eco-labelled product helps people

Finally, products with an ecolabel are made ethically. When you buy green goods, you do something for someone by paying a fair price. You also invest in companies which care for their employees. Certified brands are committed to respect human rights and forbid discrimination of any kind. Suppliers, processors and customers all deserve consideration and respect.

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