How to diffuse synergies with organic certified essential oils

Whether your diffuser is fan assisted, ultrasonic, soft heat or nebulised, there is always a good reason to use it. Do you know what synergies are? These are simply essential oils with similar or complementary properties that are mixed together. There are different synergies depending on the time of day or the desired effect. But do you really know their power?


Why choose synergies ? 

Synergies allow the effects of essential oils to be increased tenfold. As several essential oils are mixed together, several effects can be felt. 

Synergies also make it possible to touch the field of aromatherapy when you are a beginner. One does not necessarily know which essential oil to choose, so synergies are good alternatives. On top of that, it’s good for your wallet because instead of testing several oils individually, you buy blends that are specifically designed to work well together. 

Synergies can be used in many situations. How you use them depends, but the most common way is to diffuse them. You can also apply them directly to your skin if you are sure of their reliability. We always recommend choosing essential oils with an organic label. By applying them directly to your skin, you will benefit from the skin and respiratory benefits of the synergies. 

When are synergies used? Synergies are used to treat illnesses such as colds or bronchitis. In this case, application to the skin is recommended. 

They are also used for meditation or relaxation, but also for recovery after physical effort. 

Finally, in certain cases, synergies are useful for housekeeping and cleaning your home. 

In short, they have multiple functions and will continue to surprise you! 

Did you know that you can create your own synergies according to your needs and desires?


Synergies to create yourself

As you will have understood, synergies are blend of essential oils. So when you say blend, you say DIY* (*Do It Yourself). And yes! You can buy the oils individually and make the blend yourself, according to your needs. 

And for that, we have decided to help you! We have selected several essential oils to create your own synergy depending on the context you choose. They are all Ecogarantie certified so you can go for it with your eyes closed! We guarantee a healthy composition and no risk to your health. 

Thanks to our compositions, you can choose the synergies that best suit your situation. We will then explain to you how to handle the essential oils for an optimal result and what precautions to take. 

You don’t feel like or don’t have the time to create them yourself? Don’t panic, we have the solution!


Synergies to buy that are already done

Did you know that you can buy synergies that are already made by experts? And once again, certified Ecogarantie members! So even if they are already made, you do not have to worry about their composition. 

We have selected 4 synergies, in the same contexts as mentioned above. 

  • To relax: Makesenz Well-Being, which is composed of essential oil of hô wood and geranium bourbon 
  • To help you fall asleep: Good Night by Physalis, which is composed of orange, lavandin, bergamot, green mandarin, etc. 
  • To motivate yourself: Zeste Tonique by Pranarom, composed of lemon and bergamot 
  • To breathe better: Physalis Breathing, composed of eucalyptus, scots pine, peppermint, rosemary… 

As you can see, there are many possibilities to benefit from essential oil synergies. Even if you don’t have the possibility to create them yourself, you will always find a solution. In any case, you should always be careful when handling them. We explain it all to you!

Advice for use and precautions for use

We recommend using a maximum of 3 to 5 essential oils to create a synergy. Why should you do this? Simply because their composition is complex and when you are new to aromatherapy, you can’t afford to do whatever you want. Mixing more than 5 essential oils is rather reserved for professionals in the field. 

We advise you to compose your synergies according to the effects you want. For example, if you want to relax, you could turn to lavender. It is enough to know the benefits of each essential oil to make the best mixture, while remaining in the same categories. 

The most important rule to follow when using essential oils is to be careful with your eyes. There should be no splashing in or near the eye. If this happens, we recommend that you quickly rinse the eye not with water (as the essential oil does not mix with water) but with a vegetable oil, such as olive oil. If the effect does not subside, consult a doctor immediately. The ears and nose are also areas to be avoided. 

Some people with special needs, such as pregnant or breastfeeding women or children, should stay away from essential oils. The same applies to people with epilepsy or hypersensitivity.

As you may have noticed, synergies are blends of different essential oils that allow you to obtain a specific effect. In order to choose the best ones, we always recommend those with an ecological label, especially if you apply them directly to your skin. After reading this article, synergies will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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