Why your dishwasher tablets must have a green eco label

The use of a dishwasher has made our lives easier for many and many years. But do you pay attention to the composition of your dishwasher tablets? If this is not the case, it must be remedied urgently. Here is some information about tablets with a green eco label and why to choose them.

How to wash dishes in an ecological way?

Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessarily more ecological to wash dishes by hand. Indeed, current dishwashers use three to four times less water than manual washing. This is as long as the dishwasher only runs when it is full. However, there are other factors that affect the pollution caused by the use of a dishwasher: the composition of the tablets.

Also, remember that a dishwasher is energy consuming. If you want to minimize your electricity consumption and therefore your ecological impact, make it run during the night. However, if you have solar panels it will not change much and you can run it during the day.

The benefits of a green eco label on your tablets

Dishwasher tablets, like any dish detergent may contain ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life. To make sure your tablets contain no toxic ingredients, choose them with a green eco label. You can’t find washing products with a green label in your supermarket? Feel free to visit a local organic store, there will most certainly be a small selection.

In short, nothing is more simple than to do your dishes in an ecological way. Run your dishwasher at night and only when it is full and choose tablets with a green eco label. So, after switching to ecological dishwasher tablets, it is now time to switch to a whole ecological kitchen.

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