Why choosing eco-friendly bee products?

Our friends the bees are making youthful elixir in various versions: honey, wax, propolis… which are each used in several beauty products. But, did you know that eco-friendly bee products such as organic soaps or lip balms will be of better quality if they bear a trustworthy eco label?

Honey, beeswax or propolis in your organic soaps?

Many organic soaps contain honey and that’s not without reason. Indeed, this sweet nectar, which has the ability to never expire, also helps to preserve our skin. Thanks to its high moisturizing and soothing property, honey makes the skin very soft by nourishing it in depth. To ensure that you have good quality honey in your organic soaps, choose them with a trustworthy eco label.

Then, beeswax is very often used in natural lip balm recipes. In fact, this wax has a high moisturizing power and protects the lips from the sun’s rays. So that makes it the perfect ally if you have chapped lips quickly. Beeswax is therefore one of the unavoidable ingredients when it comes to eco-friendly bee products.

Last but not least, propolis has many curing properties when used in eco-friendly bee products. It is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, helps healing and soothes mild burns. Adding it to organic soaps, for example, will therefore help reduce skin problems and prevent bacterial infections.

A trustworthy eco label for your youthful source

If you didn’t guess it yet, it is also essential to choose your bee products such as organic soaps carefully. They must have a reliable eco label to ensure the quality as eco-friendly bee products. Ecogarantie is considered a trustworthy eco label because it is the only European ecolabel that does not control the products itself. Indeed, it leaves it to independent bodies to examine compliance with established standards. This reflects the increased neutrality and reliability of the label. So, which elixir of youth bearing a trustworthy eco label will you choose to keep an angel’s face?

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