Looking for quality products? Eco-friendly labels will help you!

Eco-labels have been created to help consumers in their purchases. Nowadays, there are eco-labels for all types of products: paper, wood, furniture, food, of course, without forgetting cosmetics. But you may wonder what the purpose of these so-called eco-friendly labels is. Let’s discover more about them!

Why choosing products with eco-friendly labels?

Regardless of the product, ecological labels have the same overall objective. They all want to promote organic, ecological and ethical products. So, if you really want quality products, opt for products bearing eco-friendly labels.

However, the labels of each sector usually focus on different aspects of ecology. These aspects mainly depend on the products concerned. For instance, eco-friendly labels for wood and furniture are very concerned with the sustainability of forests. Then, it is often the arguments of organic and lower pollution that are taken into account by food labels. And as far as cosmetic eco labels are concerned, the effects on consumer health and the environment are of primary importance. By choosing hygiene quality products with eco-friendly labels, you protect your health and the planet for long. Isn’t it the best deal?

How to recognize a trustworthy label

Contrary to what one might think, not all eco-friendly labels have the same values. Some, for example, are profit-oriented. It means that they think their strategy towards their own benefit. And sometimes, it is to the detriment of the consumer. So, to get real quality products, turn to a trustworthy label.

Ecogarantie is one of the strictest cosmetic labels on the market. And guess what? It is a non-profit organization. Indeed, Ecogarantie’s vision is not to earn money. This trustworthy label aims to help consumers find their way around when they are looking for eco-friendly cosmetics. Moreover, the Ecogarantie trustworthy label fights for a fair salary and working conditions for all. The production of cosmetics must not interfere with human dignity. So, if you want to support the Ecogarantie trustworthy label in its fight, go for quality products with its logo. 

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