How to make your own eco-friendly laundry product

Here's what you need to know to make your own eco-friendly laundry product.

Eco-labelled laundry products are great. They prevent our clothes to be filled with unnecessary, chemical and potentially dangerous substances. They also help us preserve the environment and keep the water clean. But some people want to go further and reduce their ecological impact even more. And maybe you’re one of them. So, here’s how to make you own eco-friendly laundry product.

The advantages of eco-labelled laundry product

Choosing eco-labelled laundry products is the most practical option. You don’t have to take the time to prepare your own products. It is thus time-effective and quick. Moreover, you’ll be sure your product actually works. Indeed, making your own, especially if it’s the first time, will not guarantee you good results. But practice makes perfect and there are tons of recipes out there. You just need to take the time to experiment.

The advantages of making your own eco-friendly laundry product

If you goal is to reduce your ecological impact, making your own products is the way to go. And the biggest advantage is that you can tremendously reduce your waste. You won’t have to buy or throw away plastic bottles anymore. Moreover, some DIY recipes include natural elements, such as ivy, which you can easily find. And you can also buy the rest of the ingredients in bulk. It’s a great way to adopt a zero waste lifestyle!

Second, you’ll get satisfaction. Indeed, research has shown that carrying out a DIY project gives a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Whether it is for laundry products or any other personal project, you’ll be happy to make something yourself.

Finally, making your own laundry product will help you save money. Most of the recipes that you can find on the internet or in books actually contain very little ingredients. And when you buy all the necessary ingredients before starting to DIY, you usually buy them for several uses. What’s more, there are sometimes ingredients that you may already have at home or in your garden. And of course, less packaging equals less costs. If you start making your own products, you’ll only pay for what you put in it.

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