Lower your ecological footprint and choose ecological brands

Did you know that the Belgians’ ecological footprint was among the highest in the world? As a matter of fact, we would need more than 4 planets if everybody lived like Belgian people. But it can change! And we can help you transition towards a more environmentally-friendly way of living. Indeed, replacing some of your everyday detergents and cosmetics by eco-friendly products has tons of advantages. Here are some of them. 

Eco-friendly products don’t release toxic substances

Not only are eco-friendly products better for your health, but they can help you protect the environment as well. Ecologically-made detergents and cosmetics are great alternatives because of their low impact on nature. They don’t contain dangerous chemicals, GMOs or plastic derivatives. Therefore, these (potentially) toxic substances don’t end up in your body or in the environment.

Eco-labelled products respect high standards in terms of ecology and safety. As a result, the list of authorised ingredients is rather small. Agricultural vegetable ingredients are organically grown unless it can be proven that they are not available. If such is the case, you can find the information in the Ecogarantie specifications. And of course, the origin of the ingredients is carefully controlled to ensure a sustainable production.

Ecological brands help you reduce your waste

We make sure the packagings of our certified products are sustainable. Therefore, they contain renewable or recycled materials or are even reusable. It’s a great way to help you reduce your waste and lower your environmental impact! But we go further than producing an eco-friendly end product. Ecogarantie also controls the entire production processes. Our certified brands guarantee low emissions, reasonable transport and a strict waste management policy throughout their whole production cycle.

Eco-friendly products can protect animals

Finally, ecological products can benefit animals as well. Some of the Ecogarantie products may contain ingredients such as honey or propolis. But our label is  fully committed to nature and animals. Therefore, certified products contain no secretions from endangered species. Animal products also have to be completely organic. And as said just above, eco-friendly products do not release any dangerous component, which does not harm wildlife.

Because, in the end, protecting animals is also a way to take care of the environment. Humanity has already wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. And without biodiversity, human life is in danger. What about you? What is your ecological footprint?

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