What is an eco label and why choose eco products?

Society is changing. According to scientists, we need to change our consumption patterns. But how can we go on living as usual while paying attention to the environment? One solution is eco labels. An eco label is a logo that you can find on an eco product. As a matter of fact, eco products are eco-friendly, safe for you and the planet, and efficient. So, why not buying these ecological alternatives rather than chemical products? 

Eco products contain safe and organic ingredients

Eco labels are great because they can allow you to learn more about an eco product’s composition. If a company wants to have its products certified, they need to use only safe ingredients; for the planet and for you. So, no more GMOs, nanoparticles, microplastics, … or pesticides. Because eco products also only contain vegetable ingredients that are organic.

An eco label guarantees a low ecological impact

An eco product with an eco label also guarantees that it was made ecologically. Companies are regularly controlled by independent certifying bodies to ensure they respect high environmental norms. For example, they have to be really careful about their water and energy consumption. Moreover, eco products’ packaging must be recyclable or compostable. At Ecogarantie, we also encourage our members to provide reusable types of packaging!

Buying an eco product allows you to express your convictions

Of course, when you buy an eco product, you contribue to a better society. Your product will not threaten the environment nor your health. But an eco label is much greater than that. When choosing eco products instead of conventional ones, you impose your view of things. You make a step towards a greener society and you claim that you want to see more sustainable products. And by sharing your opinion with others, you encourage them to do the same. That’s how things move forward.

Choose a trustworthy eco label

Of course, you have to keep an eye open. There exist some false or free eco labels which are not reliable. As companies do not have to pay to use them, they often mean nothing. And more importantly, eco products are not controlled. Therefore, you cannot be certain they respect environmental or safety criteria. This is why you should always learn more about how companies get a certification. If you wish, we can start by learning more about Ecogarantie, a strict and trustworthy eco label!

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