Certified cosmetics: the benefits of eco-labelled bee products

In addition to its sweet, healing taste when your throat is sore, honey is full of surprise. And so are all other bee products! It’s not for nothing that brands include them in their products’ composition. Let’s discover the tremendous benefits of eco-labelled bee products.

Only buy eco-labelled bee products and certified cosmetics

First things first, choose eco-labelled bee products. You want to be sure honey, royal jelly and all other fruits of bees’ work were made ethically and ecologically. Therefore, certified cosmetics guarantee that bees are living far enough from polluted areas. They have access to organic fields or natural woods and forests. Moreover, beekeepers are forbidden to kill their bees when harvesting their honey.

Cosmetics bearing an ecolabel must only contain organic bee products. It is important that bees are not in contact with pesticides or any other toxic chemicals in their hive. But most importantly: eco-labelled bee products must not come from endangered bee species.

The benefits of eco-labelled bee products

With that said, let’s get into the heart of the subject. Why can you find bee products in cosmetics? What can you benefit from them? You’ll discover here that when using them on your skin, they can work miracles.

At last, a safe, natural and efficient moisturiser and no more toxic chemicals! It’s no surprise: honey is well-known to be very sweet. But did you know that all this sugar could, for once, be truly beneficial to your skin? Actually, this sweetness helps your face maintain its water content. And the same goes for royal jelly, the most precious bee product of the hive! Honey is also full of vitamins and trace elements that nourish your epidermis. In the end, it’s a great product for sensitive and mature skins.

What if you face skin problems like acne and spots? Here again, bees have the solution. They usually use some parts of the trees’ buds to construct their hive. This material is called propolis. Used in some certified cosmetics, it helps reduce pimples thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties. However, you shouldn’t use bee products containing propolis if you have a sensitive skin as it can cause allergies.

You certainly know it by now, bee products are full of good nutrients that are perfect to nourish and moisturise your skin naturally. But of course, it’s very important to preserve these beautiful little workers as they are essential to our survival. What about you, do you use certified bee products?

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