Uses and benefits of lavender essential oil

You have certainly already heard of lavender essential oil. But did you know that there were actually several types of lavender oil? It is generally derived from the flowering top of different lavender varieties. Here are three of them, their benefits and how to use them. 

3 types of lavender essential oil and their benefits

Who said that lavender was too common and boring? Actually, there exist up to 45 lavender species and over 450 varieties in the world. But we are only going to present you three of them: true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), super lavandin (Lavandula intermedia) and spike lavender (Lavandula latifolia spica). If you use them in the right way, they can really become a great skincare product in itself. In cosmetics, the three of them have wonderful properties. Not only are they regenerating, but they also help repair your skin. They can sooth irritations and razor burns, and reduce acne. However, all of them have other specific benefits that make them unique.

True lavender also has purifying properties. Therefore, you can use it in case of insect bites for instance. True lavender essential oil can also be useful if you have sunburns and sensitive skin! As for super lavandin, it turns out to be quite effective if you skin has been damaged. It also helps with skin cracks and insect bites thanks to its antiseptic properties, juste like spike lavender. This last one  can also reduce sunburns. Whatever lavender essential oil you wish to use, add one drop in your usual cream or body milk. You can then apply it as usual.

Contraindications for lavender essential oil

Even if pure essential oils are natural, they can be really strong and have side effects when used in the wrong way. Therefore, always make sure you take your doctor’s advice before using anything new on your skin or orally. We also advise you to test essential oils on your arm 24h before using them on your face. True lavender should only be avoided by pregnant women. However, spike lavender and super lavandin are also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, young children and epileptic people.

Why you should go for eco-labelled lavender essential oil

One last tip: go for eco-labelled lavender essential oil. Ecolabels will ensure your essential oil is pure and completely natural. Indeed, synthetic perfumes, colorants and other chemical substances are forbidden. Ecogarantie certified essential oils are also 100% organic and are not derived from protected species. Finally, the production processes must respect the naturally active substances of the plant.

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