Eco labelled products: are they affordable?

Consumers are often torn between the desire to consume better and the budget allocated to it. Indeed, eco labelled and organic products are known to be more expensiveBetter consumption, yes, but at what cost? Will I spend a fortune on that? No more worries. According to a study carried out by the French association CLCV (Consumption, accommodation and living environment), the eco labelled products prices are decreasing. We will help you to understand the prices and to compare those of the eco labelled products and the others. 

Why are eco labelled products known to be less affordable?

Whether it’s a preconceived idea or a proven fact, we all heard about eco labelled products prices soaring compared to other products. But is it justified? 

When we talk about eco labelled products, we immediately think about high quality. They require ingredients we can’t easily find and which have a precise origin. There are no chemical substances added to produce it faster. All the ingredients are natural and are not obtained from petrol. The manufacturing process is longer and stricter.

When we think about certification, we think about products judged according to different criteria that prove their quality. They are audited by a certifying organisation that follows precise specifications. 

Moreover, eco labelled products include a quality that goes beyond the product itself. They have to respect the producer, the ecosystem and the final consumer. 

After such an analysis, it seems normal to expect a higher price compared to a classic product that doesn’t require that much work. It’s an unquestionable quality guarantee! 

However, the study of the national association for consumers shows that the certified products prices have decreased these last few years.  

In the end, are eco labelled products and affordability compatible?

The answer is yes! According to the CLCV, washing powder, washing liquid and coffee filter prices are the ones that have especially decreased, about 10% those last few years.

The other categories of products prices haven’t necessarily decreased lately. But, if we take into account their quality and certification, they are affordable enough. Indeed, an eco labelled product is a reference in terms of quality because it has been audited by a certifying body. You can rush headlong and trust them.

However, an organic or a classic product that is not certified may contain chemical substances harmful to your health. Also, it doesn’t necessarily respect the environment, the producer and the consumer in its manufacturing process. For example, Ecogarantie certifies that the natural ingredients in the products are 100% organic. The products have a higher average cost on the non-food market but guarantee the strictest control and the best quality possible. 

In the end, buying in a sustainable way is profitable in terms of quality in the long term.

When you buy like this, you support the eco label and the local production. If certain prices seem high, your way of buying will be kind of altered. Indeed, you will buy less, but better. You will be more careful with your budget and will avoid overconsumption.

So, what budget do you need to allow for certified products? 

What price differences?

We can’t generalize the prices since they vary according to the brands, the ranges and categories of products. For example, for the washing powder and washing liquid, we notice similar prices on average. 

For the other categories, especially cosmetics, it’s mostly the product without certification that will be more affordable. But, ultimately, those gaps are not so big and you will not spend a fortune for that. Sometimes it’s a difference of a few centimes. 

This ecological transition “trend” has even influenced the big distributors to become green. Is it a good alternative if you are looking for ecological and economical products? We advise you to inquire before buying a product. Turn to eco labelled products is more reliable than products that are said to be “organic” “ecological” or “green” and we explain why. 

 So yes, quality nearly always means high price, but the Ecogarantie certification is a guarantee more than reliable. You will have no doubt about the product efficiency, and they will have a positive impact on your health in the long term. You will not need to change or to try other products and your wallet will be thankful.

We noticed that eco labelled products are more affordable than we think. In the end, you will not spend a fortune for them because they respect more or less the average budget of a consumer. Before buying products that are not ecological because they are supposedly less expensive, we encourage you to inquire about the prices of the certified ones. Trying them is adopting them!

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