What can you find on an eco-labelled product’s label?

Nowadays, if you wish to know what a product contains, you must read its label. Easier said than done, isn’t it? We got it. Here is an overview of the kind on information that appears on an eco-labelled product’s label. 

An eco-labelled product’s label gives you information about its ingredients

Of that, you can be sure. Ingredients displayed on a label must be written in common language or with their INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). This way, you only get one word per ingredient. What’s more, you can understand it wherever you come from. And, let’s be honest. Complicated or scientific names really don’t help. Therefore, if there is an ingredient which name is unknown to you, you can always rely on this website. When inserting the name of a component, you can learn about its origin and safety.

Ingredients also always appear in order of predominance. It means that the first listed ingredient is the most present in the product’s composition. But ingredients with a concentration lower than 1% of the formula can be randomly classified. However, they must be listed below the other main ingredients.

A product’s label must inform you about the organic quality of the ingredients

If you buy an eco-labelled product, it’s certainly because you want it to be organic. Should you want to be sure about the organic quality of your purchase, look at the label. There must be a reference when an ingredient was grown organically.

Not yet convinced? It’s true that some dishonest brands tend to misinform consumers. But Ecogarantie is completely transparent and reliable. Therefore, you can always find the name of the certifying body on the label next to our logo. Why is that? Because we do not perform the control ourselves. We do not decide whether ingredients can be classified as organic or not. We do not decide whether they are safe or not. This is the job of three control bodies we trust and work closely with. This way, we remain neutral and we can guarantee you the best quality for our certified products.

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