5 good reasons to trust eco-labelled products

What if we told you Ecogarantie was an ecolabel you can truly rely on? From our commitment to nature to our complete transparency, here are five good reasons to trust us. 

1/ Eco-labelled products protect you from greenwashing

Ever heard of greenwashing? This misleading marketing strategy is constantly confusing consumers. By attracting your attention with powerful words like “100% natural”, some brands misinform to you. In fact, they prefer to hide their negative impact on the planet and highlight the few efforts they make. Want to avoid this? You should certainly go for ecolabels like Ecogarantie.

2/ Ecogarantie is 100% neutral

We are proud to say it: our ecolabel is reliable. Wondering why? Because we remain neutral and nonprofit. Whereas some private labels choose when a brand can get certified, Ecogarantie does not control companies. Actually, this is the task of three independent certification bodies which check whether a brand complies with our standards or not.

3/ A label truly committed to the environment

As the strictest ecolabel on the market, we make a lot of efforts to protect our beautiful planet. Therefore, our standards are really high and we are constantly working to improve them. We are doing our best to develop the Ecogarantie label and to become a standard in the non food sector.

4/ Eco-labelled products ensure full traceability

How could we be credible if we couldn’t even prove you that we truly care for the environment? Thanks to the good work of our certifying bodies, we are able to control the origin of our eco-labelled products. Better even: the whole production process is verified! We hence know where our products come from and how they are made.

5/ Ecogarantie is a transparent ecolabel

Finally, you can find a clear list of ingredients on each eco-labelled product. Bands with certified products always make sure they inform you about the organic quality of their products. If you are wondering whether our products are truly regulated, have a closer look. You will also find the name of the certifying control body on it.

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