The advantages of eco labels for washing products

Eco labels for washing products are important. They provide reliable guarantees regarding the ecological impact of certified cleaning products. Not only are they truly eco-friendly, but they are also 100% safe for your health. So, what are the advantages of washing products with an eco label?

Ingredients in washing products with an eco label

First of all, it is essential that the sourcing of the ingredients in certified cleaning products is as ecological as possible. Whether it is for mineral, animal or vegetable ingredients, Ecogarantie imposes high minimum standards. To begin with, no animal or vegetable ingredient must come from the list of European or international protected species. We also make sure our members do not use damaging or polluting exploitation methods. In fact, the sourcing of the ingredients must always respect the landscape and never threaten the ecological balance of the environment.

Moreover, we ensure the highest ingredient quality in our washing products with an eco label. In fact, all ingredients from vegetable origin an 100% organic. Ecogarantie also created a list of authorised and unauthorised components. Therefore, our members only use ingredients that we consider safe and eco-friendly. Finally, eco labels for washing products ensure that they do not contain GMOs, microplastics or nanoparticles. We want our products to be completely safe for the planet and for you.

The production of certified cleaning products

After the sourcing comes the production. Here again, Ecogarantie guarantees a production process with a minimal impact on the environment. To help us ensure our members respect our norms, we work with three independent control bodies: Certisys, Tüv Nord Integra and Quality Partner. They all do a wonderful job helping us controlling the users of the Ecogarantie label. For instance, they make sure that, as the law requires, no end product is tested on animals. They also control their water consumption, waste management and transportation.

Eco labels for washing products with an eco-friendly packaging

Finally, certified cleaning products come with an ecological type of packaging. We impose that all products’ packaging is either recyclable or compostable. But some of our members want to go further. Therefore, we encourage them to provide a reusable packaging whenever possible. If they decided to use cardboard at least 80% of the materials must be recycled fibres. And when it comes to plastic, only recyclable materials are accepted (like PP, PE or PET). It’s better for you and also for the planet!

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