Ecogarantie label: what are the Ecogarantie certified products?

Whether you are already familiar with the Ecogarantie label or not, maybe you don’t know which products can bear it. Discover what the Ecogarantie certified products are and why you should go for eco-labelled goods. 

Cosmetics with the Ecogarantie label

Did you know that anything you apply on your skin could be absorbed? Actually, dermal absorption depends on a lot of factors like the environment, the temperature, etc. But still… Do you really want toxic components to end up in your body? If the answer is no, go for eco-labelled cosmetics. The Ecogarantie label guarantees that ingredients are organic and safe for your health. But above all, our label is committed to nature. Ecogarantie certified products respect the natural ecosystem. Therefore, there are no endangered plant species or secretions from protected animals in our cosmetic products. Finally, the methods to extract minerals are harmless to the environment.

Certified washing and cleaning products

And the same goes for washing and cleaning products. Doing the laundry, cleaning the house or taking a shower may cause you allergies or irritations. In the end, all these products are released in water. Even though it can be treated, sewage treatment plants are not perfect. The rejected water can thus contaminate the environment. One solution: choose ecological products! Ecogarantie makes sure no dangerous ingredients nor GMOs are present in eco-labelled products. They are organic and safe for your health and nature.

Eco-labelled air fresheners

If you like your home to have a lovely scent, think twice. A lot of products you can use for air diffusion contain chemicals. Inhaling them for several hours may not always be good for your health. All things considered, it’s better to go for essential oils, don’t you think? The Ecogarantie label guarantees that these are organically-grown and completely natural. Moreover, if your diffuser is made of a wooden stick, it has not been chemically treated and conforms to the FSC standard.

Sea salts can be Ecogarantie certified products too

This last one may surprise you. All Ecogarantie certified products are non-food goods. So why are we talking about sea salts? Actually, we consider that salt is a mineral. As it’s not a plant and does not come from the earth, it enters the category of non-food products. Ecogarantie certified products are made of carefully controlled salt. It comes from natural or protected areas. What’s more, there are strict regulations when it comes to salt fields. Far from roads and polluting agricultural fields, they are safe from contamination. Finally, the water exclusively comes from the sea or the ocean and men do no use chemicals on their salt.

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