Why Ecogarantie is a reliable and honest label

Looking for a reliable ecolabel? Nowadays, there are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to buying ecological products. But in an ocean of green logos, how can you make up your mind? Ecogarantie is a trustworthy label you can definitely rely on.

Why Ecogarantie is different

We are proud to say it: our label is a nonprofit organisation which aims at protecting our planet. It is the strictest organic and ecological label on the market with very high standards in terms of ecology, ethics and safety. But how can you be sure of that? Whereas some other green labels remain private, Ecogarantie is public and has no financial goals. But what is the goal, then? Well, our mission is to help you find real ecological non-food products. We also want you to put your trust in honest and transparent industries.

Ecogarantie remains neutral when it comes to assessing the quality of ecological products. Our label works closely with three independent regulatory bodies: Certisys, Tüv Nord Integra and Quality Partner. They make a wonderful job, making sure eco-labelled products meet the high Ecogarantie’s standards.  Each year, they control our label’s brands and check whether they comply with our strict regulations.

What Ecogarantie can guarantee you

At Ecogarantie, we cherish our planet as much as you do and we believe people, animals and nature can live together in harmony. This is why eco-labelled products bearing our logo were made with a minimal impact on the environment and a really good waste management. You bet it, ingredients are sustainable, safe, biodegradable and natural. All vegetable extracts are also 100% organic and of controlled origin.

Did we also say animals? We totally support the European laws prohibiting tests on animals. Our brands don’t do such experimentations on raw materials or finished products. Moreover, protecting nature means keeping wildlife safe as well! And what about people? We believe that every men and women deserve to be fairly treated. Eco-labelled products only contain fair-trade ingredients. It is also very important that our brands respect Human rights in the whole production process. They are committed to treating their employees equally and with no discrimination of any kind.

You get it, our label is an honest and reliable ecolabel committed to protecting nature, animals and people. When do you take the plunge?

Social Media & Public Relations Manager
Social Media & Public Relations Manager

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