Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner Terra Gaia

Looking for a toilet cleaner that tackles limescale, removes stains, and is safe for your septic system? Look no further! The revolutionary gel-based formula harnesses the power of nature for a clean conscience and a gleaming toilet. This isn’t your average toilet cleaner. Terra Gaia replaced harsh chemicals with gentle, yet highly effective, plant-powered ingredients that are […]

Nourishing face cream Argan

face cream

Our nourishing face cream brings hydration and suppleness with an ultimate feeling of comfort on the skin thanks to its high content in vegetable oils (argan, hemp and shea butter). Ideal as a base before make-up. It contains no perfume or essential oils in its natural version. It is particularly suitable for normal to dry […]

Eye contour cream

eye contour

Our eye contour cream combines deep hydration with an anti-aging (anti-wrinkle) action for this sensitive area. Its formula is based on rose hydrosol, hemp oil, argan and aloe vera as well as organic essential oils of rose geranium and Italian helichrysum. The formula is also boosted with hyaluronic acid for a plumping effect on the […]

Soothing Lip Balm

lip balm

Our soft, generous balm for yourself and the whole family, easy to carry in your pocket, bag or suitcase! It regenerates dry lips and irritated body areas, and soothes stings, burns and sunburns. It contains no fragrance or essential oil. Certified organic, with 100% ingredients of natural and organic origin.

Fairy balm with 5 essential oils

fairy balm

Our generous, intensely scented balm is easy to carry in your pocket or purse! It nourishes dry lips and all irritated areas of the body thanks to the combined action of shea butter and our blend of essential oils: sweet orange, petit grain, bergamot, black spruce and incense. Its bewitching fragrance also makes it a […]

Nourishing and detangling conditioner


Nourishing conditioner, this care offers your hair flexibility without weighing it down thanks to the Aloe vera contained in the formula. Enriched with evening primrose and coconut oils, this treatment nourishes and protects the hair fiber against dryness. Rich in lemon balm extract, the organic conditioner regulates the scalp to strengthen the hair’s vitality from […]

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel

Derived from the heart of the plant’s leaves, our aloe vera gel is a multi-purpose skin care product. It is super-moisturizing, soothing and skin-tightening. Quickly absorbed, it leaves a smooth sensation on the skin, with no greasy residue. Certified organic, with 98% of ingredients of organic origin. Aloe vera gel comes from the heart of […]

Fabric Softener Baby


Ecogenic Baby Laundry Softener uses plant-based ingredients for smoother and softer fabrics. Effective formula, protects colors and suitable for people with sensitive skin. Removes unnecessary detergent residues and makes ironing easier. Easy to rinse and safe for use on delicate fabrics.

Laundry Detergent Baby


Ecogenic Baby Laundry Detergent is made for baby and sensitive skin’s laundry. Made for all kinds of fabrics, it removes stains and is effective, even in low temparatures. Provides moisture to skin and rinses easily without leaving any residue.

Bottle and dish cleaner Baby


Ecogenic Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid is specially made for cleaning baby utensils, bottles, bowls, pacifiers, etc. It removes stains and food residue and dissolves grease.It rinses easily, even with cold water.

Hand Soap Baby


Ecogenic Liquid Hand soap is made from Plant oil for safe hand washing of baby and sensitive skin. Natural glycerin helps to protect your hands, leaves soft and smooth feeling on skin.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Orange


Ecogenic Toilet Bowl Cleaner removes harmful deposits and residues from toilet bowls and urinals. Citric acid effectively removes dirt, urine and hard water stains. Specially formulated with organic orange oil it leaves a pleasant, fresh citrus scent every time it is used for cleaning.