7 Herbs Organic Hand Soap / Savon liquide 7 herbes aromatiques bio

7 Herbs Organic Hand Soap

Contents: 300 ml

A full potpourri of fragrances is brought by our 7 herbs liquid soap into your home. Indulge your skin and nose with the essential oils of savory, rhododendron, pepper, mint, cilantro, clary sage and lavender from certified organic farming. Soaps from olive oil and vegetable glycerine protect your hand against dryness during the wash. You can use NATUREHOME’s natural soaps on your entire body without hesitation.

Ingredients: olive oil soap*; soap from coconut oil*; sugar surfactants conventional; vegetable alcohol (ethanol), conventional; vegetable glycerine*; citrate conventional; essential oils of savory*, rhododendron*, pepper*, mint*, cilantro*, clary sage*, lavender* and balsamic additives*; gurjun balm; water, whirled
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