Allergy Organic Detergent / Détergent bio anti allergies

Allergy Organic Detergent

Contents: 2 L

On a rapeseed and sunflower oil basis – from certified organic farming – our allergy detergent from the PURE line is the optimal solution for the entire family. Without petrochemical ingredients, without preservatives, without enzymes and genetical engineerging and free from complexing agents and fragrances and colorants. The practical 120 ml sample size is ideal for travelling.

Ingredients: 5-15% de savon d’huile de colza*/ huile de tournesol*/ 5-15% de tensioactifs non ioniques (tensioactif de sucre)/ 5-15% de tensioactifs anioniques (sulfate d’alcool gras de noix de coco)/ 1-5% d’alcool végétal (éthanol)/ < 1% de tensioactifs anioniques (huile de ricin sulfatée)/ < 1% de citrate/ eau tourbillonnante et 100%*de culture biologique contrôlée