Anti-bruise Spray / Spray Pare-Bleus

Anti-bruise Spray

Contents: 15 ml

A synergy declined on the very precious and very powerful EO of helichrysum bio of Corsica. The EO of patchouli bio will bring its circulatory virtues but also its anti-inflammatory capacity which will appreciate as much the skin as the musculature. The EO of peppermint, in lighter touches, will bring its refreshing and decongestant virtues. The synergy is suitable for “bruises” and various traumas of the musculoskeletal system, such as sprains, strains … More broadly, the sportsman will appreciate its soothing action on bruises and sore muscles.

Ingredients: MH Arnica montana *, HE Helichrysum italicum *, Laurus nobilis*, Pogostemon cablin *, Mentha piperita *