Laundry detergent Green Mood

Baby laundry detergent Unscented

Contents: 1000 ml

Babies have such a smooth, ultra-delicate and sensitive skin. No wanders everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, wants to take a baby in their arms when they see one. So imagine washing their tiny clothes and adorable hooded towels with harmful chemicals. Our laundry detergent is here to avoid all the toxic ingredients without compromising on efficacy. Indeed, it is tough on stubborn stains even at low temperatures, while being soft on the skin, even the most sensitive ones. Have we mentioned that it is made from plant-based materials to avoid skin irritation and water pollution as it is fully biodegradable. Safe for sensitive skin and baby laundry. Removes stains and odours, even at low temperature.

Ingredients: 5-15% Plant-Based Soap, 5-15% Non-Ionic Surfactants (Sugar Surfactant), 5-15% Anionic Surfactants (Coconut Oil Alcohol Sulphate). Contains also: Potassium Hydroxide, Ethanol, Water.