Body and Bust Synergy / Synergie buste et corps

Body and Bust Synergy

Contents: 100 ml

This firming treatment due to the daisy nourishes, tones and keeps the skin supple and elastic. It is specially designed for its revitalizing and anti-aging action. This body synergy, specially designed for the bust, firms the bust and tones it in depth thanks to the strong presence of daisy vegetable oil known for its anti-aging action. Its action is reinforced by the joint presence of sesame oil, which maintains the elasticity of the skin and deeply nourishes it. Finally, apricot kernel oil tones your skin and revitalizes it. By working with ylang-ylang essential oil, your treatment is also relaxing and soothing before going to bed.

Ingredients: Pâquerette, sésame, noisette, périlla, noyau d’abricot, HE ylang ylang