Concentrate Gel Laundry / Lessive gel concentrée

Concentrate Gel Laundry

Contents: 1 L

The Naturawash Laundry Gel, distinguishes itself from other products by the fact that it is highly concentrated, allowing a minimum of 20 washes to be done with 1 liter. It is moreover all temperatures, and for all textiles, for an efficiency out of the ordinary. Its composition is 100% natural and its bottle is made of recycled PE, for a product particularly respectful of our environment and to ensure its total biodegradability.

Ingredients: tensioactifs sur base végétale bio aux normes Européennes EC 648/2004, gelifiant dérivé d’origine biologique de glucose, eau naturelle en support solvant, huiles essentielles, extrait de plantes. Parfum: lavandin, colorant pour savonnerie et cosmétique, séquestrant d’origine végétale sur base de sucre, actifs minéraux d’origine zéolites