Crow's feet Cream / Crème pattes d'oie

Crow’s feet Cream

Contents: 30 ml

The CREAM EYE PATTERNS, applied to the contour of the EYES, the lower and upper eyelids, allows the deflation of the bags under the eyes, eliminates the blueness of the dark circles by micro-drainage thanks to the Italian Helichrysum. It can also be applied to the lip contour and sometimes improves vision. Wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant, replenishes the capillaries of the dermis and organic silica rebuilds the skin by remineralization.

Ingredients: aqua, rapessed oil*, sweet almond oil*, glycerin, zea mays (corn) oil*, cetearyl glucoside, dehyroacetic acid benzyl alcohol, acid lactic, tocophérol*, rosmarinus officinalis* HA helichrysum italicum*,Silice organique, HV triticum vulgare*, HE commiphora molmol, HV argania spinosa*( limonene, linalool)*