Dishwasher Powder / Poudre pour lave-vaisselle

Dishwasher Powder

Contents: 5 kg

Efficient dishwasher powder made from easily biodegradable ingredients for use in household dishwashers. Suitable even for heavily soiled dishware and cutlery. Sodium percarbonate copes with coffee, tea and other stubborn stains. This product does not contain oil derivatives, chlorine, enzymes, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Ingredients: 15-30 % sodium percarbonate (oxygen-based bleaching agents), silicates (sodium metasilicate pentahydrate), trisodium citrate, washing soda (sodium carbonate); 5-15 % sodium bicarbonate; < 5 % non-ionic vegetable-based surfactant, < 5 % anionic surfactant.