Disinfiltering Synergy / Synergie corps désinfiltrante

Disinfiltering Synergy

Contents: 100 ml

Synergies of 1st quality vegetable oil chosen for their detoxifying properties and organic essential oils, which act on the microcirculation of the epidermis and help you destocking fats. This treatment is designed to drain water and toxins deep inside the cells. This synergy is disinfiltering and draining, slimming and works on the dimpled areas to smooth and decongest the skin. The decongestant and depurative virtues of lemon fight against cellulite and water retention. It is also remineralizing. Combined with Atlas cedar, which has the power to break down fat and is also decongestant and draining, you have a multiplied effect to dislodge fat and water from the tissues. Reduces the appearance of cellulite. (Weight loss) .

Ingredients: Sésame, tournesol. HE citron, HE cèdre atlas