Feline Flexibility / La souplesse du félin

Feline Flexibility

Contents: 50 ml

The base, organic arnica macerate in organic jojoba oil, is unstoppable to support muscle vitality and joint flexibility. A discreet touch of organic St. John’s wort macerate gives the skin its softening qualities. The synergy of essential oils is reserved for joints and muscles in pain or, more simply, to prepare for the effort. After the effort, it preserves them and increases their ability to recover. Beyond its immediate power, it stimulates general vitality and communicates the desire to act – to react – to rusty organisms, both physically and mentally.

Ingredients: Aux HE bio de lavandin super *, eucalyptus citronné *, katafray *, laurier noble, * gaulthérie odorante *, menthe poivrée *, hélichryse italienne *, basilic exotique *. Aux macérâts huileux d’arnica