Floor Wax Cleaner / Cire nettoyante sol

Floor Wax Cleaner

Contents: 500 ml

The NATUREHOME organic floor wax cleaner keeps what its name suggests. With every swipe your floor does not only become cleaner, it also gets care thanks to the premium waxes it contains. Naturally free of silicone oils, our wax cleaner is entirely biodegradable and produced in Germany.

Ingredients: 5-15% de tensioactifs non ioniques (tensioactif à base de sucre)/ 1-5% de potasse (carbonate de potassium), cire de gomme-laque, cire de carnauba, cire du Japon, savon à l’huile de maïs/ <1% d'alcool végétal (éthanol), glycérine végétale/ eau ad 100%.
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