Naturalep: Laundry Additive / Additif lessive Naturalep

Naturalep: Laundry Additive

Contents: 1 kg

Naturally effective formula with natural ingredients. With surfactants of plant origin and Aleppo soap. Selection of raw materials that respect man and the environment. Vegan, without ingredients of animal origin. Use of recycled packaging materials. The water used is osmosed and comes from rainwater and runoff. Properties: effective from 40°, ideal for preserving the whiteness and shine of linen even after several washes, increases the effectiveness of cleaning agents and dissolves grease, particularly effective on organic stains (blood, perspiration, fruit…). Suitable for whites and colours, suitable for pre-soaking. Directions for use and dosage: 2 tbsp (+/- 50g) in the drum of your washing machine in the heart of the laundry in addition to your usual “Naturalep” detergent.

Ingredients: agent de blanchiment oxygéné (peroxhydrate de carbonate de sodium) 70%, bicarbonate de sodium 30%.