Nose unblocking Spray / Spray nasal décongestionnant

Nose unblocking Spray

Contents: 15 ml

The nasal spray Aromaforce is a hypertonic solution associated with essential oils 100% organic* recognized for their purifying, refreshing and softening virtues. This product is used in the symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion, for example in cases of rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis. It decongests and purifies the nose by eliminating mucus, a source of bacterial contamination, while preventing the mucous membrane from drying out. It provides a sensation of freshness thanks to the presence of essential oils.

Ingredients: Aux huiles essentielles 100% biologiques*: Mandravasarotra, Epinette noire, Eucalyptus radié, Ciste ladanifère, Myrte à cinéole, Géranium rosat. Enrichi à la propolis.